Wind in the sails

Title and year
Wind in the sails, 2006


Hans Günter Hansen, 1922-2013

Sønderborgvej, Felsted


A local village initiative, led by the residents of Felsted themselves, made it possible to realize a sculpture done after an idea conceived by the local artist Günter Hansen, and realized by the local craftsman Jørn Smej – which simply means “Jørn blacksmith” in the local dialect.

The composition, consisting of three triangular sheets of iron placed on a base, soon took on the desired rust-red colour. The vertical sheets are parallel and set in a slightly staggered pattern, giving the viewer an impression of three sails racing forward together, heading for new horizons and new adventures.

Günter Hansen was chiefly known for his paintings, in which he gradually moved from the naturalistic to a more stylized artistic idiom where geometric figures occasionally cropped up among his range of motifs – as they do here in Wind in the sails.