We lift together & Together we break through

Title and year
We lift together & Together we break through, 1995
(Way-Out, Transformation I-II)

Red granite and steel

Hans Lembrecht Madsen, b. 1943

The two traffic circles at Exit 70b on motorway E45


On the road between Aabenraa and Rødekro stands a huge block of granite, elevated on pillars of steel. It rises and falls relative to the horizon, depending on whether the viewer is moving uphill or downhill in the undulating terrain.

This sculpture, called We lift together, stands on the central mound in the easternmost traffic circle on the road between Rødekro and Aabenraa. Its counterpart, Together we break through, stands just a few hundred metres to the west in the traffic circle at the end of the road nearest Rødekro. They lead us from these towns out into the world, onto the busy E45 motorway, and at the same time they lead the world to us. They also link Aabenraa and Rødekro, two towns that are gradually expanding towards one another and melting together, based on their shared dream of growth and development. The titles of the two sculptures refer specifically to this shared vision.

The very composition of the two pieces, both done in red granite and glittering steel pipes, is symbolic: The steel pipes are the active elements carrying out the sculptures’ intentions, as together they “lift” and “break through”, while the granite is a material manifestation of the bond between the two towns.