Two figures on a beach

Title and year
Two figures on a beach, 1995

Weathering steel

Hans August Andersen, 1926-2003

Flensborgvej, Aabenraa


The sculpture Two figures on a beach, which greets those approaching Aabenraa from the south, has the size and clout it takes to match its neighbour, the former county headquarters on the opposite side of the Flensborgvej highway. 

This sculpture was purchased by what was then the county authority of South Jutland to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Danish municipal reform in 1971. Aabenraa Municipality contributed to the project by making the sculpture site available. After the subsequent Danish municipal reform of 2007, Aabenraa Municipality moved its town hall offices and municipal administration into the large, mocha-coloured, H-shaped complex.