The fence

Title and year
The fence, 1992


Bent Sørensen, 1923-2008

Søndertorv, Aabenraa


The fence, a gift from the Ny Carlsberg Foundation, is located in the lovely park at the small castle Brundlund Slot. There is ample room here to walk around the sculpture and examine its many shapes and spaces. This is no traditional sculpture with a front and back, but rather a collection of geometrical elements leaning against each other and creating a dynamic form. This makes the sculpture’s expression change as viewers move around it, changing their perspective, and in this way the artist shows how strongly he was inspired by Cubism.

One of the points of Cubism is to challenge conventional perspective theory, and to show an object from multiple sides at once – making the artistic project more focused on exploring the motif rather than creating a naturalistic rendition.