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The art of hiding – being seen

Title and year
The art of hiding – being seen, 2004


Jørgen Glud, b. 1942

Viaduct in Bov, just north of Padborg


It is easy to see that in his art, Jørgen Glud works for and with children. The art of hiding – being seen is a sculpture meant for use; meant to be played in, on, and around. Specifically designed for climbing, crawling, and hiding away, the work invites children in and challenges their imagination.

This playful, life-affirming aspect stands in stark contrast to the gravity and solemnity that also resides in this space, which is also a place of remembrance. Here, just before German forces invaded Denmark on 9 April 1940, three Danish gendarmes were killed by advance troops in civilian clothing – an incident commemorated by in the Gendarme Garden (Gendarmhaven). When darkness falls, the lighting also affects the nature of the sculpture, changing it from playful to monumental.

This work was integrated in the urban renewal plan carried out in 2001, which redesigned the existing Gendarme Garden and its memorial into an urban park for the town’s residents.