Title and year
Splitting, 1994

Halmstad granite from Sweden

Søren West, b. 1963

The residential area Kirsebærhaven, Aabenraa


Søren West’s sculpture brings a sense of drama to this otherwise peaceful spot, right by the foremost buildings of the residential area Kirsebærhaven. At first glance the title Splitting seems to describe, quite literally, what is going on in this work, which consists of a narrow, 1.5-metre-tall splitting wedge in reddish granite that is stuck into a crevice in the large grey stone that makes up its base.

The sculpture’s balancing point seems set to tip, because the splitting wedge is so large and stands so tall above the base – an effect that adds even more tension and power to the composition. However, a more detailed investigation of the work reveals that the scene has nothing whatsoever to do with splitting: Markings on the stones show that blasting took place. In this way the artist challenges the classic sculpture tradition by revealing how he has staged and fashioned his work. The process itself is embedded in the base, which is marked by elongated drill holes made when using dynamite. In showing us this, the artist insists on the work being a combination of sculpture and process.