Title and year
OUI, 2022

Painted stainless-steel ring, steel horseshoe with mackerel motif, and lance in epoxy-lacquered, steel-reinforced solid oak.

Mathias & Mathias (b. 1986 and 1991)

Ringriderslippen by Nørreport 26.


The artist duo Mathias & Mathias creates playful works, usually with a powerful element of staging and a spatial narrative. Their works often balance between a factual and a fictitious universe. For some time, Mathias & Mathias have addressed popular culture and ornamentation in their common practice, and for the Nørreport district, their work methods combine beautifully in respect of and with inspiration from the history of Aabenraa.

The work is inspired by the popular tradition in Southern Jutland of tilting at the ring. Enlarging three elements from this tradition and turning them into architectural fragments in the passage creates a sequence reminiscent of the activity itself. Thus, pedestrians will be passing under the ring, through the horseshoe, and past the lance – or vice versa. The work title OUI is derived from the three sculptural shapes. The horseshoe is shaped like a mackerel, referencing Aabenraa’s coat of arms.

Production: Hangar 5

About the decorative project

Nørreportkvarteret som kunstdestination – værker af unge danske samtidskunstnere (the Nørrebro District as Art Destination – works by young Danish contemporary artists) is developed by Aabenraa Municipality in collaboration with Creator Projects, community ambassadors and the Aabenraa Municipal Visual Arts Committee. The project is backed financially by: the Danish Arts Foundation, Den Jyske Kunstfond, BHJ Fonden, and the Aabenraa Municipal Visual Arts Committee.

The full list of artists who have contributed to the project comprises Rune Bosse, Silas Inoue, Oskar Koliander, Mathias & Mathias, Helene Nymann, Torben Ribe, and Studio ThinkingHand. The works are the property of Aabenraa Municipality.