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Light art

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Light Art, 2009

Glass, aluminium, optical fibre, wood, newspaper, lacquer and light sources

Steffen Tast, born 1951

Atriumgården, Library and Borgerhuset in Tinglev.


Shards of glass, optical fibres and wood are among the ingredients when Steffen Tast creates his works. Instead of putting up a sculpture or hanging a painting on the wall, he stages spaces with his installations.

In the atrium courtyard between the library and Borgerhuset in Tinglev, he has staged the space with a mix of materials and light, so that its "cold" and "warm" effects are enhanced. For example, neon tubes glow blue-white on aluminium rods, and warm fibre optic light shines on a golden lacquered collage of newspaper clippings.

As well as casting a golden glow into the space, the collage also acts as a humorous commentary on contemporary life with its strange headlines from near and far. Very appropriately, it is right next to the collage that visitors sit and read the day's newspapers.