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Landscape sculpture – Future Past

Title and year
Landscape sculpture – Future Past

Fired clay

Martin Qvist, 1935-2008

Sønderborgvej, by the village of Søgård, between Aabenraa and Kruså


The work Landscape culture – Future Past is encoded with the artist’s own interest in history and his childhood in the nearby brickworks town of Egernsund. The sculpture, which stands near the village of Søgård, south of Aabenraa, was completed shortly before the Danish municipal reform of 2007, which in many places combined formerly independent administrative districts.

Visitors who walk through the village’s brickwork gateposts and stroll to the structure will see the erstwhile town arms of Felsted Municipality, passing on to artistic elements rooted in local history. These tie events and place together with a series of illustrations created using the “local gold” found underground:

In this work, the artist has used not only newly fired material, but also beautifully glazed, discarded tile materials from the Egernsund brickworks, found in the waters of the nearby fjord. The stroll around the sculpture ends at the town arms of Aabenraa Municipality, linking the past to the future.

Some find the sculpture’s domed shape reminiscent of the Mongolian yurt or ger, a type of that served as a home and safe base for the nomadic peoples of that region.