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Title and year
Gargoyle (2023)

Rheinzink drainpipe, galvanised steel, LED projector. 

Vinyl -terror & -horror (b.1977, 1978)

Bulhusslippen by Ramsherred 16A


Vinyl -terror & -horror is a collaborative project between Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen. The duo works with sound, sculpture, installation, and performance. Deconstruction of materials and habitual thinking, a remix of objects: hi-fi equipment, used furniture and mechanical items, subtle humour, and an unusual inventiveness are characteristic of their artistic practice. Often, the form and function of familiar everyday objects are changed and worked up into new contexts.

With Gargoyle, Vinyl -terror & -horror has modified and extended the existing drainpipes in the passage. By working sculpturally with the two pipes – while at the same time retaining their function – they become an installation with several different visual expressions. In the daytime, the work will appear as a three-dimensional composition and modification of materials which are familiar in townscapes. When darkness descends and the work is illuminated, the absurd and illogical piping casts a precise two-dimensional shadow that some will recognise from the silent film classic Nosferatu.

Because the figure is created from a folded drainpipe, the uncanny aspect is punctured – nevertheless still reminding us, how our imagination plays tricks on us when we walk through gloomy passages alone in the dark and makes us see and hear things that are not really there.

Blacksmith: Felix Rombach
3D rendering: Lucian A. Meister, Tanja Stanic
Plumber: Genner Blik ApS

About the decorative project

Nørreportkvarteret som kunstdestination – værker af unge danske samtidskunstnere (the Nørrebro District as Art Destination – works by young Danish contemporary artists) is developed by Aabenraa Municipality in collaboration with Creator Projects, community ambassadors and the Aabenraa Municipal Visual Arts Committee. The project is backed financially by: the Danish Arts Foundation, Den Jyske Kunstfond, BHJ Fonden, and the Aabenraa Municipal Visual Arts Committee.

The full list of artists who have contributed to the project comprises Rune Bosse, Silas Inoue, Oskar Koliander, Mathias & Mathias, Helene Nymann, Torben Ribe, and Studio ThinkingHand. The works are the property of Aabenraa Municipality.