Fountain granite

Title and year
Fountain, 1991-93


Erik Warming, b. 1942

The reunification park, Genforeningsparken, and the Aabenraa Bibliotek library, Aabenraa


Erik Warming’s sculpture Fountain consists of two pools connected by a 12-metre-long open water conduit. Until 2020, this fountain stood in the large square, Storetorv, along with the town well. As in the old well, in this newer fountain the water also wells out of four openings. The sculpture has now been moved to Genforeningsparken, the reunification park with its recreative area near the Aabenraa municipal administration building, where its water theme is a handsome match for the new water-jet fountain installed in the open area in front of the historic Folkehjem building. Here, children and other fun-loving visitors can wade and splash, and enjoy the many details in Erik Warming’s sculpture.

Fountain explores the contrasts between rough and smooth surfaces, as well as the interplay between the colours and textures of the various types of rock. The small pool around the column bears the old signs for the days of the week, and the larger pool bears the 12 signs of the zodiac.