Title and year
Fountain, 1969

Mixed materials

J. P. Junggreen Have, 1915-2008

Mutter Stahlbohms Plads, Aabenraa


This fountain is a sure favourite among the townspeople of Aabenraa. The pleasant sound of water trickling and splashing from its many cock-eyed spouts gives the square, Mutter Stahlboms Plads, its own distinctive charm. J.P. Junggreen Have’s Fountain consists of a tall copper cylinder fitted with numerous pipes and spigots from which the water issues. These can be seen as a reference partly to the old town well, which had four openings, and partly to Aabenraa’s history as a maritime town, as the fountain also mimics the bilge holes seen in the side of boats and ships.

The fountain has been part of the public space since the pedestrian shopping street was inaugurated in 1969. On that day, one of its spigots ran with a local soda brand known as Stolly. The sculpture underwent extensive renovation in 2018–2019.