Title and year
Eagle, 1995


Nicolaus Wehding, 1932-2018

In front of the library, Rødekro Bibliotek og Borgerservice, at Vestergade 20, Rødekro


The eagle’s sharp talons grip the fish hard, and its wings beat upwards as its beak opens to let out a sharp cry. Is the eagle protecting its prey? Do others nearby want part of its kill?

In this bronze figure Nicolaus Wehding has cast a powerful, frozen moment from nature’s battleground. Both eagle and fish are life-sized representations. Throughout his career Wehding has worked with animal motifs, often portraying situations that show the animals’ instinctive behaviour. He captures wild creatures “in action” with masterly precision, and one can almost hear the eagle’s piercing call and powerful wingbeats as it lands its catch.

Wehding’s animal sculptures are richly represented in and around Aabenraa. The town itself is hom