Title and year
Decoration, 1995

Bronze and granite

Ole Hempel, 1944-2007

The intersection Storegadekrydset, Kliplev


There is a rich variety of figures to explore in Ole Hempel’s work Decoration, which consists of assembled elements made of various materials and with various surfaces.

The shifting in levels makes for a dynamic experiential space around the composite sculpture. Some elements are embedded in the flagstone pavement, and there are also figures on pedestals at various heights: a horse, a sundial, the remains of a meal, a church tower, a pair of peaked shoes carelessly set (one lying across the other), and a book visitors can leaf through with texts that throw the sculpture and its creation into perspective.

The tooled granite pedestals are also an integral part of Decoration. For instance, one tall stela has a rough surface with a smooth relief on it, done in the shape of a cross as a historical reference to Kliplev as a pilgrimage station.