Cleaved granite sculpture

Title and year
Cleaved granite sculpture, 1982


Poul Isbak, b. 1943

Haderslevvej 52, Aabenraa


The heaviness of bedrock – the lightness of air. These two elements are contrasted in Poul Isbak’s sculpture, which stands in front of the stately building that once housed the town’s German upper-secondary school, and later og until 2022 its police station.

Poul Isbak often creates sculptures inspired by objects from our daily lives, such as chairs and sofas. Here, however, we have a more abstract sculpture that mainly piques our curiosity because of the empty space between the two blocks: Are these shapes repelled by one another, or mutually attracted? What overwhelming power has split them apart, or keeps them close together?

The duality of Cleaved granite sculpture is also embedded in the material, where the artist has given the hard, split granite a finish that makes it look smooth and soft, a surface you want to lovingly stroke with your hand.