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Anna´s work

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Anna's work, 1996

Steel with bench and bronze statue

Lone Høyer Hansen, b. 1950

The corner of Nørreport and H.P. Hanssens Gade, Aabenraa


Three interesting phenomena from the history of Aabenraa are interwoven in this group sculpture:

Maritime activities are seen in the latticework’s ships and fish, waves and currents.

Miss Fanny, said to be the illegitimate daughter of King Christian VIII of Denmark, was raised by the county councillor at the small local castle Brundlund Slot. Legend has it that Miss Fanny was a clairvoyant. Among other things, she foresaw the region’s reunification with Denmark, which officially took place in 1920. She was also known for her exquisite needlework. Her original embroideries are on display at Aabenraa Museum, while elements from their patterns are seen in the sculpture’s latticework.

Franciska Clausen made her mark from the 1920s onwards as a ground-breaking avant-garde artist. Her line is also recognizable in the sculpture’s latticework and shows her skill at using geometry in her art.

It is typical for the sculptor Lone Høyer Hansen to compose a work that integrates multiple elements. Here, behind the latticed structure, a female figure stands tall and erect, holding an oversized needle. This feature alludes to the South Jutland women from the Skærbæk area who, in the late 1800s, were well-known for their woven art deco blankets and other textiles.

Anna’s work was Lone Høyer Hansen’s first commission for a public artwork.