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8 acrylic sheets

Title and year
8 acrylic sheets, 1996

Plastic foil on acryllic sheets

Ulla Alberg, 1934-2021

Two viaducts on Nørregade, Padborg


Padborg is a small border and transit community. It is a gateway out into the wider world. A place where journeys can begin. Ulla Alberg has interpreted this outward-looking gaze, facing the world, in the four decorative sheets travellers see on the two railway viaducts in Padborg when they leave town. Under the collective title Handel og trafik (Commerce and traffic) she depicts remote locations with iconic motifs such as the Eiffel Tower and the Acropolis, gondolas, onion-shaped turrets, and bridges that span deep gorges.

Inversely, the four sheets travellers meet when arriving to Padborg bear the collective title Kunst og ultur (Art and culture), and they illustrate local culture elements, such as the distinctive profile of the church, and Padborg’s pyramid-shaped museum.

The artist’s motifs, which are stylized and rendered in clear colour fields, are almost cartoon-like in their simplicity.